Class of 9/11 - 11 Sep 2021

Table of content - Class of 9/11 (11 Sep 2021)

Class of 9/11
‘When I heard they found his body, that was harder than losing almost anybody’
House of memories
Angel of the skies
Class of 9/11
FDNY legacy: John Bergin Hero father: John P. Bergin
FDNY legacy: Chris Howard Hero father: George Howard
FDNY legacy: Anthony Ragaglia Hero father: Leonard Ragaglia Sr.
FDNY legacy: Emmet Meehan Hero father: Edward Meehan
FDNY legacies: Carl and Greg Kumpel Hero father: Kenneth Kumpel
FDNY legacy: James Dowdell Hero father: Kevin C. Dowdell
FDNY legacies: Erik and Chris Wieber Hero father: Robert J. Wieber
FDNY legacy: Chris Ganci Hero father: Peter Ganci
FDNY legacy: Robert Wallace Hero father: Robert F. Wallace
FDNY legacy: Brian Phillips Hero father: Raymond R. Phillips
FDNY legacy: John Leahy Hero father: James Leahy
FDNY legacy: Terence Pfeifer Hero father: Raymond J. Pfeifer
FDNY legacy: Larry Sullivan Hero father: Lawrence J. Sullivan
FDNY legacy: Michael Sullivan Hero father: John P. Sullivan
FDNY legacies: Matt, Carl, Rebecca and Marc Asaro Hero father: Carl Asaro
FDNY legacy: Peter Regan Hero father: Donald J. Regan
FDNY legacy: Aric Tegtmeier Hero father: Paul A. Tegtmeier
FDNY legacy: Thomas Van Doran Hero father: Thomas R. Van Doran
FDNY legacy: Chris Mascali Hero father: Joseph A. Mascali
FDNY legacy: Gary Watson Hero father: Kenneth T. Watson
FDNY legacy: Tommy Palombo Hero father: Frank Anthony Palombo
FDNY legacy: Michael O’Hanlon Hero father: Michael O’Hanlon
FDNY legacy: Josephine Smith Hero father: Kevin Smith
FDNY legacy: Manny Mojica Hero father: Manuel Mojica Jr.
FDNY legacies: Jonathan and Christopher Otten Hero father: Michael J. Otten
FDNY legacy: Pete J. Carroll Hero father: Peter J. Carroll
FDNY legacy: James Tancredi Hero father: Vincent Tancredi
FDNY legacy: Kelly Fullam Hero father: Martin Fullam
FDNY legacy: Glenn Perry Hero father: Glenn C. Perry
FDNY legacy: Thomas Heedles Hero father: Dennis Heedles
Boat bravery
Stan Honda
Patrick Andrade
Robert Mecea
Capturing history
Aristide Economopoulos
Matthew McDermott
Tamara Beckwith
Shannon Stapleton
Suzanne Plunkett
‘I’m in love with twopeople’
Broken dreams
Helayne Seidman
Clark Jones
Win McNamee
Thomas Franklin
Timothy Fadek
Beth Keiser
Andrew Lichtenstein
‘Herewedidn’tloseanyone. Intruth,wegainedpeople’
‘Reminders of death everywhere’
The home run that healed NY
Growing the future
From Ground Zero to the world

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